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      North Kensington Cleaning Company has a terrific crew of professional cleaners. They deep clean my flat every other week, and not only do they do exceptional work, but they also charge quite a bit less than some of the other cleaning services in the area.
Erica D.21/05/2020
     The crew transformed my home. Their work was efficient and safe, especially with my kids and dog running around the house. I would give North Kensington Cleaners 5-star review any day.
     One of my precious carpets from India was ruined after a weekend with the relatives. There were tea and wine stains right in the middle. Soon after they left, we called Cleaning Services North Kensington and engaged their carpet cleaning service. They made sure the cleaning agents they used were gentle on the fabric. The stains are all gone and the carpet is as good as new. Brilliant job.
Clifton B.19/08/2015
     I was sick of being let down with my regular cleaning service which is why I first called Cleaning Services North Kensington. Not only are they better cleaners than any other company I can find but they never ever let me down which is really important. No more getting lumbered with my own house cleaning at the weekends. Hoorah!!
Emma Bennett 14/07/2015
     I wanted my curtains and sofa cleaning as the combination of pets and children were taking their toll on the furnishings. My sister recommended I use the same firm she had in the past called NorthKensingtonCarpetCleaners. I have to say they were great and the cleaning service was amazing. The cleaners used environmentally friendly techniques and products so that no harmful toxins would be left in the atmosphere. The results were great, and costs were brilliant. I would certainly suggest that if you need your upholstery cleaning to hire this company they are reliable and do a great job.
Carol Elliott27/02/2015
     I wanted my rental home cleaned after a tenant's lease had ended. The place was in bad shape so I contacted NorthKensingtonCarpetCleaners because I had heard good reviews about. The company was very professional and sent a representative to give me a quote. The price was fair and covered a lot of work. The cleaners were going to really cover every little part from light switches, skirting boards, appliances and more. The results were fantastic and it didn't take long either.
Elisa Reese24/11/2014
     Keeping my place clean isn't my strong point, so it's lucky for me that there are services out there that do an awesome job! I don't have much in the way of cash to throw about, but NorthKensingtonCarpetCleaners is mighty cheap for the amount of good work they do. They are easy to hire, and a pleasure to work with! There aren't enough positive words I can say about my experience, so just give them a call and see the results for yourself. All I've got to say is; thanks for turning my home into something I can be proud of!
Paul E.21/08/2014
     Working with NorthKensingtonCarpetCleaners was the best choice when executing my home clean. I needed a thorough spring cleaning, as my home had built up dirt and grime over the years. The professional cleaning team at NorthKensingtonCarpetCleaners was able to efficiently execute my home clean. They dusted, mopped and cleaned in hard to reach areas. Their service was excellent and their attitude was positive. They knew exactly how to clean my glass windows and delicate carpets without damaging the fibres or leaving streaks. For professional home cleaning at an affordable price, I definitely recommend them.
Sarah Q.18/02/2014

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